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Ex-hire Portable Bar For Sale:
Easy to assemble 6ft portable bar for sale in very good condition.
Originally bought from Portable Floormakers.

£350 +VAT

Ex Hire Portable Bar
| Ref #: 5ebd180e4463
Outdoor Flood Lights for Sale: All these floodlights are ex-hires but many are band new and those that have been use are in extremely good condition.
• 8 x 150W Technika HQI IP65 Floodlights in good condition. Individual price = £30.00 each ex Vat Or £210.00 ex Vat for all 8
• 12 x 250/400W Dakal HQI IP65 Floodlights. Many are brand new and the rest are in extremely good condition. Individual price = £55.00 each ex Vat Or £600.00 ex Vat for all 12
• Job Lot Price = £650.00 ex Vat

£650 +VAT

Outdoor Flood Lights
| Ref #: 3c3762b46647
8x 10m 13 Amp cables with 4-way gang
14x 5m 13 Amp cables with 4-way gang
2x 15m 13 Amp cables with 5 Spaced sockets, Brand new in original packing

£150 +VAT

extension cables
| Ref #: 3a2a9e619e76
1x 16 inch (40cm) Mirror ball for sale (originally purchased from Essential Supplies). In excellent condition. £25 ex vat
2x Mirror ball motors. Both in excellent condition. £35 each ex vat
Job lot - £65 ex vat

£65 +VAT

40cm Mirror ball for sale
| Ref #: 373aa4ce4e08

Sold Ex-hire Fairy Lights - Buckinghamshire

Price: £500 +VAT
Fairy lights for sale
280m of warm fairy lights in excellent condition for sale (originally purchased from Essential Supplies) 28 x 10m lengths available - £20 each
90c of Ice white fairy lights in excellent condition for sale (originally purchased from Essential Supplies) 9 x 10m lengths available - £20 each
Job Lot sale - £500 ex vat
(Job lot sale will include a large stock of 6 way splitters and 13a plugs)

£500 +VAT

Fairy lights for sale
| Ref #: f22ad04810d5
2x Natural fleck dandy dura matting 3m x 2m rolls (12sq. m), very clean and in good condition - £25 each
11x Natural fleck dandy dura matting 10m x 2m rolls (220 sq.m), very clean and in good condition - £85 each

£850 +VAT

Matting for sale
| Ref #: 798d7f913787
18mm Malaysian plywood grumpy joe boarded flooring for sale
This system is suitable for the marquee and indoor use and can be laud straight onto flat or uneven surfaces such as grass, gravel, sand, concrete and soil.
These flooring boards are supported underneath by timber battens with an interlocking aluminium clip.
The stock is in good used condition with no water damage
We have some aluminum edging that we will through in for free with this sale

£1000 +VAT

Wooden boards for sale
| Ref #: bef5dc4682bd
The unique barbecue fire bowl is handmade from recycled oil drums by family workshops in India. It has two stands, one high stand which is perfect for barbeques and the low stand for the fire bowl so you can sit down and relax around the fire
The fire pit is in excellent condition, as it has only been used once

£150 +VAT

Fire bowl for sale
| Ref #: ed2d3503178b
16x 250 Litre white marquee water ballast
250kilo marquee weight, with a capacity of 250 litres of water ballast. Stackable with strong handles that allow easy carrying and double up as tie-down points, as an alternative to guy lines and the trip risk they present.
Due to its unique design, these water tanks can be forklifted of moved with a pallet truck
These marquee water ballasts are ideal for use on a hard standing surface and protect sites where stakes cannot be used, the tank capacity is 250 litres of water or sand.
These tanks make a versatile substitute for concrete block ballast and dramatically reduce transport costs
These water tanks are in excellent condition

£450 +VAT

Water ballasts
| Ref #: f7ff94e55279
Everything you need to get started with one package
Items can purchase individually or as an entire heavily discounted package
All items are sold as ex-hire stock but are all in extremely good condition if not brand new

£2000 +VAT

Uplighting package for sale
| Ref #: aac2ca7610cf
2x Dryfast DFE 2/0T - 2.8KW heaters for sale (purchased from cooling and heating solutions
This rugged lightweight portable electric blow heater can operate from a standard 13amp socket or a 16amp weatherproff socket.
The radial fan in these electric heaters produce good air pressure at a very low noise level
These heaters have only been used 3 times and thus are in excellent condition

£220 +VAT

Dry fast heaters
| Ref #: b967874a79a1
20x Signature white plastic fencing, each panel is 6ft x 3ft
The freestanding panels can be deployed in minutes without having to use any tools and minimum amount of labour is needed
The panels connect together quickly with swivel base legs to accommodate uneven terrain, there is already pre-drilled holes for staking when used for a more permanent application

£550 +VAT

White picket fence
| Ref #: ef6aa439b9c6
Alustage modular anti slip aluminum stage for sales
The stage has only been used a handful of times so is in excellent condition
The staging system is modular and this allows you to configure many different stage sizes i.e. 7m x 5m, 9m x 3m and many more

£1650 +VAT

Staging for sale
| Ref #: c01e83ae40b0
Traditional light beech wooden folding chairs in very good condition.
These chairs are great for indoor and outdoor events, they have been finished with a high gloss lacquer
They fold flat for easy stacking and storage

£650 +VAT

Beech folding chairs
| Ref #: 25ab97fa30c5
4x Hard wearing aluminium poseur tables, comes with a stainless steel surface, with aluminim alloy table base.
They can be used for indoor or outdoor events.
The tables are in excellent condition as only been used once

£400 +VAT

Poseur aluminium tables
| Ref #: 155fb2190d36

Sold Various Crates - Buckinghamshire

Price: £250 +VAT
large crates
12x Large blue crates with lids (110cm x 50cm x 35cm) - £10 each
13x Large orange crates with lids (110cm x 50cm x 35cm) - £10 each
7x Medium blue crates with lids (40cm x 30cm x 30cm) - £5 each
7x Small blue crates with lids (40cm x 30cm x 20cm) - £5 each

£250 +VAT

large crates
| Ref #: d4baf3ba51e9
Purchase from essential supplies this silver chandelier is brand new and is still in its box

£80 +VAT

8 arm chandelier
| Ref #: a88255ca8515
Rustic Oak Wine Barrel Bar
Brand new oak topper wine barrel bar

£200 +VAT

Oak wine barrel bar
| Ref #: 1f5e80b84061
4x Ice LED poseur stools and 3x Ice LED Poseur tables, made from very durable opaque plastic.
All items have an RGB LED light installed which gives you a choice 16 colours
With a rechargeable battery installed to power the LED light, there is no need to worry about any cables being attached
The running/charge time is around 9 - 10 hours for each stool and table

£250 +VAT

LED Poseur furniture
| Ref #: c9c236351db9

Pagoda Marquees - Buckinghamshire

Price: £5200 +VAT
6m x 6m pagodas joined together
We are selling a number ex hire stock Pagodas/ Chinese Hats. All of the pagodas are in exceptionally good condition.
These structure are extremely versatile and can be used as entrance halls to a larger marquee, catering tents or used as standalone structures which have proved extremely popular for high-end garden parties where size is a constraint.
2x 3m x 3m Custom Covers
1x 6m x 6m With Steel sub base floor
See full listing for individual prices

£5200 +VAT

6m x 6m pagodas joined together
| Ref #: 53088fb1dd0d
2x Eureka 28ft x 28ft Capri Marquees, comes complete with 2 x clear sides and 2 x white walls
3x Eureka 28ft x 38ft Capri marquees, comes complete with 4 x clear sides and 2 white walls.
2x 20ft Capri Joining Gutter.
2x 28ft Capri joining Gutter
These marquees were manufactured by Eureka and are being sold as ex hire stock. They have all been maintained to the highest standard and are thus in very good condition. (available separately see listing)

£7000 +VAT

Capri - Espree or Trapeze marquee
| Ref #: 660abddb7d74
This marquee was manufactured by Anchor industries (US) and imported into the UK. The marquee has been impeccably maintained and thus even though it is ex hire stock it is in exceptionally good condition.
The marquee is a 30ft x 90ft Anchor Industries Century Mate Expandable series and it comes with two complete window and wall sets: The original Double Georgian Windows making up one side of the marquee or the newly commissioned panoramic windows making up 50% of the entire marquee.

£9250 +VAT

Wedding marquees for sale
| Ref #: 1ac0ad3f996f
Aurora 45ft x 105ft (14m x 32m)
Lighting Package - 6 Canopy spotlights, Wireless DMX kit, Bespoke lanterns
14m x 2m Dandy Dura Corn matting
We purchased the Anchor Industries Aurora marquee from the US in May 2017.

£28000 +VAT

Aurora marquee package for sale
| Ref #: 052f2bf6e97c
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